The Stewardship & Finance Committee handles the financial needs of Kingston Road United Church.

In particular, this Committee:
  • Plans and implements fundraising activities that are vital to KRU’s life and work
  • Pays salaries and benefits to employees
  • Produces ongoing financial reporting to the congregation
  • Develops the annual budget
  • Manages investments
  • Pays bills

The Stewardship & Finance Committee members include the Treasurer and the Recording Secretary.

The Treasurer keeps the books and provides and financial statement to the Church Council monthly. Along with these reports, there is an annual finance meeting where the statements from the previous year are discussed and the new budget for the next year is presented.

The Recording Secretary is responsible for ensuring that everyone’s contributions are written down so an income tax receipt can be issued. Contributions through automatic debit called PAR (pre-authorized remittance), numbered envelope or by cheque receive tax receipts. As well, donations through the Sunday School with envelopes is also recorded for receipt purposes.

Along with looking after what money comes into the church, this Committee is heavily responsible for fundraising. To that end we regularly hold concerts, fairs, yard sales and auctions. Stewardship & Finance must also be involved with the other committees to ensure that their programs may be properly funded.

Stewardship & Finance is always ready to welcome new comers to this Committee – no experience is necessary. Please check the website for ongoing fundraising initiatives. For more information, please contact Lois Maxwell.

For more information about church stewardship, see Money 101.

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