Barry King Barry King is the Minister at Kingston Road United Church. He can be reached at 416-699-6091 or A message from Rev. Barry:

"Peace of Christ! 

Hello and welcome to Kingston Road United. Enthusiasm and excitement embrace me as I begin this new spiritual journey in ministry with the people of KRU and the surrounding community. 

Before entering ministry I spent time in the business world in different vocations.  During my time in ministry I have been fortunate to live in a variety of places in Canada and experience the great multi-cultural diversity we share as a country.

A couple of my passions in ministry are in the areas of social justice, Habitat for Humanity, multi-faith dialogue and contemplative spirituality.

I consider myself to be an evolutionary mystic who is passionate about ‘living the questions’.  Always wondering how as a faith community we can use the sacred texts, tradition, and experience to lead people into new places with God, with life, with themselves. 

I welcome you to join us on the spiritual journey as we wrestle with what it might mean for us to be the church, in new and relevant ways in the 21st century.  I look forward to meeting you so we might begin this spiritual journey together.


Elaine MacSweenElaine is the secretary at Kingston Road United Church. Elaine usually works mornings five days a week, with summers off. She can be reached at 416-699-6091,

Eric MacKeracherEric MacKeracher is the Director of Music at Kingston Road United Church. He can be reached at We are very fortunate to have a professional musician of Eric MacKeracher's stature to lead both the junior and senior choirs.  Music is literally Eric's life - he sings professionally with the world- renowned Elmer Iseler Singers and the Amadeus Choir. He teaches organ, piano and voice and also finds time to lead our congregation in music each Sunday. 

Cheryl FennCheryl Fenn is the Christian Education programmer at Kingston Road United Church. She can be reached at A message from Cheryl:

"Fun fun and then more fun!  If we had a motto or creed at the Sunday School that would be as complicated as it would get. 

I’m a 100% pure commonwealth baby.  I was raised in South Africa, moved to Australia, lived in England for many years and settled in Canada.  That vast background means I pull from my many adventures as a child and share them with the Sunday School kids.  I preface everything with “don’t try this at home!”.

I joined the KRUC community the day I dropped some Halloween candy off, and fell in love with the church and it’s wonderful community.  Having an 8 year old myself I got to see firsthand the benefits of the weekly assurance and propping up that the Sunday School gives our children.  I wanted to give my daughter a sense of the “bigger picture” in life.  To know the joy of belonging to a community that care for her and embrace her future.  As it turned out I was welcomed with that same joy and love.  I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to start giving back when I took on the wonderful role of Christian Educator at KRUC.  We are a growing Sunday School which is quite unheard of these days, but it means that we’re doing something right.  We have so much on the go all the time, and I LOVE answering parent questions about what’s causing all the noise upstairs.

I never take the granted the enormous responsibility the parents place in us to educate the children in a way that is meaningful and impactful so that they feel strengthened during the week that they’re away from us.  We emphasise the importance of the friendships they form with their Sunday School friends, and how we can make a difference in the world.  It’s a wonderful wonderful role to have and I love every minute of it. 

Feel free to email me for a quick chat, questions or suggestions.  I love hearing them all. 

Can’t wait to meet you and your children!"

SEXTONS: Ralph Wilkie and Martin Jaffray are the sextons at Kingston Road United Church. They look after the caretaking, maintenance and security of the church.

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