picThe Indigenous Group is committed to finding ways to support and enhance our relations with Indigenous peoples. The group is open to learning and listening about our relationships with Indigenous people's spirituality, history, issues, and culture. The goal of the group is to seek ways of engagement for the KRU community with Indigenous communities.

The legacy of residential schools and the role of the United Church has been a primary focus. The group seeks to live the United Church’s apology by functioning as an educational and consciousness raising resource for the congregation at Kingston Road through special services, bulletins, special guest speakers, fund-raising events for the Healing Fund, letter writing campaigns and petitions.

The group honours the rich cultures and many contributions and gifts Canada has received from its Aboriginal peoples. Within the group, making sense of our past relationships and working for justice and fairness for First Nations people is a guiding principle.

The Indigenous Group meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm in the KRU library and welcomes anyone who seeks to contribute, learn, and partake in our events.
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